Machine Learning Series
-- Learning from MS in Computer Science (code, papers)
  --Machine Learning Algorithm Performance Analysis
     --Notes on Selecting ML Algorithms
     --Developed a simple weka‐based tool to compare algos
     --contributed to GATech ‘randomized optimization’ library 
  --Algo Analysis Papers
     --Supervised Algo
     --Unsupervised Algo
     --RL Algo
     --Randomized Optimizations Algo
   --Algorithmic Strategies for Computational Investments
      -- Code using Python, H2O ML lib  
   --Paper on Applied Regression in R (Logistics & Linear Regressions)
   --Apriori Analysis for Course Recommendation , code
   --Coursera Data Science Projects
   --Learning TensorFlow 

   -- Medical Data Analysis
      -- MedBots (Drugs Data Analysis and Search)
      -- Patient Data Analysis (Spark-ML, python, scala)

   -- Knowledge-Based AI techniques
      --AI Agent teaching human
      --AutoGrader Agent 
      --Machines Solving Psychometric Test
   -- Kalman Filters, GBR in Robotics
--Learning from Conferences, Hacking
   -- ML-2016 ~Advanced Machine Learning Applications
   -- Machine Learning Tricks
   -- Building Machine Learning Pipelines
   -- Machine Learning Platform & Infrastructure
   -- ML-2015 ~Data Science Usecases 

Data Streaming & ETL Series 
  -- Streaming ETL-Part 3 ~ Apache Beam,Spark Streaming,Kafka Streams,MapR Streams
  -- Apache-Edgent-IOT-Analytics
  -- What's a Streaming Data Management System ?
  -- Streaming ETL-Part 2 ~ Develop a fault-tolerant, scalable messaging and streaming solution (Kafka, Samza, SQL-Stream , DataTorrents) 
  -- Build a Micro-batch Streaming and Ingestion System
  -- Streaming ETL -Part 1 ~ Real-time ETL on Hadoop

Data Modeling,Persistence Series
  -- Data Modeling best practices-Part 2
  -- Statistical Data Analysis using Time Series DB
  -- Graph Modeling and Query
  -- Fast Data Transfer using Parquet, Arrow
  -- Gremlin Domain Specific Traversal
  -- Data Modeling Reference-Part 1
  -- Lightweight Persistence Service for Dynamic Entities
  -- Using high-speed cache

Big Data Analytics
  -- MS CS Course ~ Big Data Project for HealthCare Informatics
     -- Hands-On Spark
  -- Analytics Part-3 ~ Ad-hoc Big Data Crunching using Couchbase, Spark SQL, Solr-Spark
  -- Continuous Automated Actionable Analytics
  -- Advantages of ColumnStore
  -- Optimize Query for old-fashioned Data-warehousing
  -- Analytics Part-4 ~ Thinking beyond Hadoop : build Fault-tolerant High-throughput low-memory Real-time analytics
  -- Analytics Part-5 ~ Ad-hoc Analytics on Big Data : Key Technologies
  -- Analytics Part-2 ~ Approaches for querying current and historical data
  -- Git repo ~ real-time analytics app using - NodeJs‐Mongo‐Redis‐
  -- Git repo ~ real-time rules execution using logstash
  -- Git repo ~ real-time triggers using ES Percolator
  -- Git repo ~ Spark Analytics 
  -- Git repo ~ crawlers (FB, Twitter, Linkedin)
  -- Data Analysis using R

Data Integration
  -- Data Integration Tricks
  -- Integration Platform as a Service

Data Search
  -- Building an Enterprise Search Application using SOLR and CASSANDRA
  -- SOLR Ranking and Query Boosting
  -- Build a Search APP using MongoDB , github repo

Data-driven Enterprise Analytics System
  -- step-by-step approach to build a multi-tenant saas analytics system (2012)
     -- Multi-Tenancy in SaaS Modules
     -- ETL for SaaS System
     -- RnD Code ~ build a simple data ingestion framework

Hadoop Series
  -- Big data Analysis in AWS EMR
  -- Programming with Cloudera Hadoop 4 (Ubuntu)
     -- git repo ~ Spring-Hadoop App 

Development & Architecture Best Practice
  -- Coding Tricks to build robust systems
  -- Java Reloaded
  -- Designing better API
  -- Taming Server-side threads
  -- Best Practices for developing Scalable System
  -- Learning from JDK Source and Language Specs

Performance Tuning Series
  -- Tuning Titan Graph
  -- Tuning Kafka
  -- Tuning ElasticSearch
  -- Tuning Hadoop Stack
  -- Challenges in streaming large data set
  -- Tuning Hbase
  -- Tuning JVM
  -- Tuning MySQL

Build QuickFire Apps
  -- Create a Spark App
  -- Build a Dynamic Workflow using MEAN/MERN
  -- Json Search App using MongoDB
  -- Product Overview Dashboard
  -- MS Project ~ Medical Data Analysis

  -- Secure Access to MongoDB using bcrypt
  -- Enforce Security checks on public API
  -- Securing Application Access

Infrastructure, Fault-Tolerance
  -- Building MicroService 
  -- Run Apps using Mesos & Docker
  -- MongoDB Fault-Tolerance Strategy
     -- git repo: Failover tests, Split-brain scenario
  -- Setup LAMJ 
  -- ReactJs
  -- Learning MEAN Stack

Old Stuff
  -- Coding with CloudFoundry  
  -- Riding Semantic Wave

  -- Blogs 

  -- Bigdata Reference (2012)
  -- Building a Domain-Specific Graphical Modeling Tool
  -- Building a Startup Environment
  -- Key Features of Ad Serving Technology