Understand MicroServices, Kubernetes

Build apps using kafka, mongodb, nodejs, java with full support for logging, monitoring, networking

Interesting discussion on MicroService Architecture


Example:  Create a Docker Machine for NodeJs App

Excepts from …  http://blog.codefresh.io/node-docker-and-microservices/

The convergence of Node.js and Docker container technology is phenomenally well suited for microservice architecture.

The benefits include a higher degree of productivity because developers focus their energy on building smaller, narrowly-defined services partitioned along functional boundaries. There is less friction and cognitive overhead with this approach, and services can evolve, be deployed, and scale independently of others.

Node provides a high performance platform that supports high scalability with lightweight server processes. Its simple package management system makes creating, publishing, and consuming packages easy, facilitating and streamlining the process of building and deploying lightweight services.

Ref : https://vimeo.com/133709066

Refactoring Monolithic J2EE Services into MicroServices


Reference code : https://github.com/arun-gupta/microservices

Good Read : http://www.mammatustech.com/java-microservices-architecture
Deploying MicroService with Weave Net



how to create microservices easily, have them automatically built, tested and staged with Continuous Delivery and deal with the issues of building microservices architectures like service discovery, high availability, auto scaling, rolling upgrades, circuit breakers, tracing, logging and metrics.


Java Microservices Library

Containerization using Kubernetes