Thanks Cloud Foundry for turning every programmer into a Hero !

‘Spring Data promotes the classic Spring values, enhancing developer productivity by removing the API noise, boiler-plate code and resource management and offering a consistent programming model.’

Spring Roo revolutionized the concept of ‘Rapid Application Development’ by on-demand resource allocation and service provisioning through load-time-weaving of aspects !

Couple of lines of commands and the complete gwt-spring-mvc application launched into Google App Engine !

At the same time MongoDB came up with a ‘ridiculously simple’ json-based api to provide super-fast asynchronous highly-scalable, available, partitioned data-storage with simple ways to crud, map-reduce, search, index ! Redis garnered much excitement by providing a brilliant ‘data-structure key-value storage’ !

Its no wonder that Spring quickly provided a wrapper to access MongoDB, Redis, Riak, Node.js.

VMWare blended the virtualization platform with SpringSource and Ubuntu and formed the magical CloudFoundry (IaaS + PaaS) !

Now any programmers can really taste the flavor of Cloud Computing (which was so far affordable only by large enterprises ).

The Coder just need to simply specify/change/manage what sorts of service it requires (mongodb, redis, grails, node.js etc..) and specify the target (amazon cloud, vmware, cloud foundry , azure, etc..) !
Enough theory ! Its time to get our hands dirty !Build Cloud-ready App using Ruby :
The CLI Tool – VMC (vmware cloud-controller) can be installed by ruby gem.
VMC simply make various rest requests (push / update / target / start / stop ..). Accordingly cloud-controller delegates the requests to droplet execution engine which routes the requests to service providers (allocated by cloud-controllers).Here goes the simple steps to push a ruby ‘Say hello’ app to Cloud !

require ‘sinatra’
get ‘/’ do
“Welcome ! You are now in Cloud Foundry! “

Launch a Spring-MySql App into Cloud :

Nothing gets more exciting to be able to deploy our very own sample app on cloud !
1. This sample code ‘To-Do List Manager’ just works and need no tweaking !
** Login Credentials specified in security-context.xml
2. Just need to remember that we should create a ‘tododb’ service and link it to the application !
Upon starting the app if it does not work on first chance, we just need to restart it once or twice !
3. Inspect logs
# look at the main logs that contain crash information
vmc crashlogs my-app
# to inspect other logs (migration.log, staging.log, etc.)
vmc files my-app logs/migration.log
Launch a Spring-MongoDB App on the Cloud :
1. Download hello-spring-mongodb from cloudfoundry samples.
2. Import the project in STS.
3. Rename the application to some unique name like –mongoapp
4. Remember to add the mongodb namespace – in root-context.xml
xmlns:mongo=”” and specify the schema location Now few Command Line tasks..
6. Package the app : mvn package
7. Test that vmc target is
8. Next attach a mongoDB service and start the service as shown below…
9. The service name should match with the one specified in ‘mongoTemplate‘ e.g. ‘mongodb-hello-mongo’10. Finally we should expect the output as specified in –
A ready-to-go powerful web-flow sample :
See Live :
For more complicated examples involving Social Search, Events and Caching – we can consult the following articles : this is a SUPER SHOT … …..
and another ACTION-PACKED sample … very complex streaming-events sample where external source sends events to redis store. Events are sent to browser using ajax-long-polling (instant update) and also pushed into Mongo for future lookup and analysis (BI) . Cloudfoundry makes it look so simple and easy to learn the concepts !Here I show the steps … (assumption : ticker-analysis mongo service and ticker-stream redis service are already created) :
See it live :
More food for thoughts : :
Comprehensive List :
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Redis on CloudFoundry in Ubuntu :

Build CloudFoundry Apps from STS

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