Any such consolidation will empower the customers with enormous intelligence ! Suddenly all Business will be able to make sense of all sorts of random data they are dealing with every minute. Analytics needs Instant Visualization

1. Tableau revolutionized the Analytics UX by introducing VizQL

2. EdgeSpring shifted the paradigm by introducing editor-free widget based Query UI.

3. More conventional approaches involve Birst, YellowFin, JReport, Pentaho and GoodData all of them seamless connect to Big data stores and offer various data analysis techniques.

4. SAS Best-In-Class Analytics with UI running in Teradata Big data crunching Appliance.

5. SAP in-memory Big Data Analytics computing. <Resource>

  • Apart from the Enterprise offerings, there is a huge opportunity for the innovative solution providers to penetrate this emerging market.
Instead of layering SQL/relational (Hive) or MapReduce over one another, Hadapt makes them work together.  Hadapt uses Hadoop, and then it co-locates a Massively Parallel Processing (MPP) relational database on the Hadoop cluster by putting an instance of PostgreSQL on each node.

Excerpts from :

" Hadapt’s Adaptive Analytical Platform™ handles all data types and requires no connectors; it offers a complete solution to your data warehousing and analysis needs. With a scale-out architecture that can store and analyze petabytes of structured, unstructured, and semi-structured data, Hadapt provides organizations with a powerful platform for building multi-structured analytic applications. "
  • Google BigQuery (Bigdata Analytics as a Service) is a cheaper way to offload the analytics processing to Google data centers.